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  Mute Synth II

Mute Synth II (French)


External Clocking of MSII

White Label Synth

Sonar 20th Anniversary Synth

Mini-cardboard Amp (Sugar Cube)

Mute Synth I documentation

Racket! documentation

Dirty Electronics Cardboard Box Amp

7-Segment Display (Athens)

Sudophone documentation

Pinboard documentation

Homopolar schematic

Bed of Nails schematic


ICA Solder a Score

Ugly Construction Booklet (150 dpi)

Ugly Weekender (blog)

Charge/Discharge score/doc

BEAM Fist documentation

Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary Hope

Supersonic Festival Zine 2011

Skull Etching documentation

Interview with the designer of the Korg Monotron Tatsuya Takahashi

Beyond DIY in Electronic Music, Organised Sound, 18/3 (article)

Collateral Damage: John Richards, the Wire Magazine 2012

Getting the Hands Dirty, Leonardo Music Journal, 18 (article)

Lead & Schemas, Institute of Contemporary Arts: Roland Magazine, Issue 9, 2011

All Hail the New Reductionism! One Knob (blog)

Shifting Gender in Electronic Music: DIY and Maker Communities Contemporary Music Review Vol. 35, Issue 1, 2016


POLYTIK VCO Mostly Bass Collection (audio files)

POLYTIK Noise (audio files)

Computer as Text - MENT

Polytik Core Workshop doc

Betamash video processor doc


Dark Electronics (with Kanta Horio)

Polytik Code and Texts (interviews with Mark Fell and Frieder Nake)